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This case study was explore about the concept of Hasanah Credit Card (HC) of BNI Syariah (BNIS HC). As a new product from Sharia Business Unit, BNIS HC should find the way to compete with other syariah product in Indonesian market as well compete with conventional card rivals. Afterwards BNIS HC also have to capture the consumer trend yet fundamental approach towards a complete framework to apply in daily business activity. BNIS HC main task is to understand and win the competition by choosing it’s own segments or comunitty. Yet competition for profits goes beyond established credit card rivals to include four other competitive forces as well: customers, suppliers, potential entrants, and substitute products.

Main goals of this case was to get audience have a view of the main challenges that BNIS was facing improve the credit card market with competitive offering.

Additional Information
Case number: 113-1507-001
Course Major: Corporate & Business Strategy
Related Topics: Generic Strategy
Teaching Note Availability: Bank Negara Indonesia Syariah: Hasanah Card [Teaching Note]