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BMI, Business Monitor International, (2012) food and drink industry report at second quarter 2012 noted that the Indonesian consumer remains in a good shape. It also supported by the demand and positive of strong consumer confidence. The headline industry data in Q2 showed food consumption growth already increase 7% and CAGR forecast to 2016 = +7.7%. It proves a positive growth into the fast food business platform where Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA is among of the industry key players. However, a risk of another global financial crisis could play out over the coming quarters that given by problems facing the developed world and unsuitable nature of China’s growth boom. Should this happen an Indonesian consumer growth will inevitably suffer a hit.

Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA Management that has successfully well formed the business model and executing an accurate business strategy to respond a dynamic forces that affecting growth and change in the business’ mission and vision in its business platform from year to year since they established in 1986, again, they need to be prepared more to do extra business exercises to answer a gloomy thought that tailing both Mr. Benny Sunjaya and Mrs. Suswati Purwita, the founder of Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA. How Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA may keep up over the years? Will Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA still become the leading products among the players?

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Case number: 112-1502-011
Course Major: Hospitality Marketing Management, Strategic Management
Related Topics: Marketing Mix, Entrepreneurship
Teaching Note Availability: Raja Baso Tahu SABOGA: PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE [Teaching Note]